Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spit, Dandruff, and Feces on your food: Part 1 of 2

This is part one of a two part series that will be dealing with contamination of your food stuffs. This part will deal more with actual food contamination, the things behind it, and all of that sort of stuff. The second part, which will be on Friday, will deal with specific reactions by one company, the law, and exactly what this sort of thing entails. So, I recommend that you run to the bathroom now, put down your dinner, and/or stop reading if you have a weak stomach.


When we head to an establishment to grab some food from a third party, we know that we could, potentially, get caught getting something bad. This is because there are unsavory characters in the wrold, and they are perverted enough to get sick pleasures from this sort of thing. However, this is not only in the food industry, but in every thing. We could be getting a used computer sold as new, a thumb drive with viruses on them, or even used motor oil from our mechanic. This is because there are bad people in the world, and they will do anything to fuck you over.

Even though this shows up in other areas and zones of purchasing, we normally associate this sort of devience with fast food. Shown well in various movies, as well as told stories from friends (of friends of a sister's boy friend's brother), food is the mainstay of this. I have an issue with this concept, due to the fact that it is else where, but also due to the implied reasoning of this. As usual, I have a list to help you out.

This leads to discrimination against teens
While we mostly see teens working at locations that we associate with this sort of deviency, but they are not the only ones there. Stores will follow around any group of teens (except me when I was that age, as I acknowledged that they excisted) as teens 'typically' steal items. We also tend to not trust fast food teens, as they 'probably' taint it. This is an inherent problem in society, as a few bad apples will ruin the bushel – if you accept that teens are tasty fruits and society is a wodden crate. Far too often we don't trust teens, as they are stereotypically a problem.

See above, but this time with poor people
Pretty much this is the same as the above, but we also normally associate any non-teen fast food worker with poor people. Often they have little or no formal education, are in their 30s, and are batshit ugly. That said, however, the same problems exist and need to be fixed.

This has harmed me
I know, I know, why should I be making this post about me at all. That said, hwoever, I have issues with other teens screwing myself over. I used to be a manager of a Quiznos, so I understand why people have issues with fast food. That said, however, I have had customers who assume, that because I was a teen, that I was being unsanitary. If I chuckled because of a joke we said before the customer came in, they would normally walk out. Sure, this no longer effects me, but I am pissed off at being targeted because of those bad apples.

This is not the companies fault
Companies get harmed by things all of the time. Kmart has chairs that slice fingers off. Best Buy's Geek Squad steals your porn. AEP cut a dude electricity off and he froze too death. McDonalds had a person who pissed in a drink. Of those four examples, three were the fault of the company, one was not their fault. I really think that far too often we blame companies for things that they do not do. There is much more that should go in here, and you will see that part on Friday.

So who's fault is it?
Though some people might blame bad consumers, those who tip badly, or those who are annoying as hell, we all know that there is no reason what-so-ever for this sort of treatment. Really, there are three groups to blame for this action, and all of them share it in reverse order of the following list:

1) The parents of the person responsible for this share some of the blame. Sure, they are not directly responsible (but they might be), but they have probably installed bad and crappy morals and judgement in these people. I have seen parents appologize for the behaviour of their 30 year old kids, let alone their teens. This clearly is a cause of why they think that they can get away with stuff. So, to reitereate a long standing bitchfest of mine, PARENTS, BE PARENTS

2) The management of the establishment is there to provide a safegaurd and are responsible for the store. Note, this is not the company itself, but the actual local bosses and managers. They should be checking in on their workers, ensuring proper food handling, and punishing any infractions. If there is a single infraction, a hard and quick punishment should keep away repitions.

3) The person themselves are responsible for this issue. What type of person, deviant or not, actually thinks that it is okay, acceptable, and RIGHT to put forieng objects on anothers food. Pranks are one thing, specifically if you know the person, they know it is happening, and you all laugh after; that said, however, random things, as well as unknown additions, are not acceptable at all. These people clearly have a problem personally, and they need treatment.

moving on
So, what this boils down to is the very simple fact that we need to be wary of what and where we eat. Whenever we go to a specific store, we should make sure to treat the people with respect, as they are less likely to take it out on us. Please note, I am not saying that any action, even the most annoying customer ever, should cause this sort of thing. Lastly, we need to have faith and trust in humanity, as odds are most people are being good and clean.

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