Thursday, April 16, 2009

Player X Should Come to MSU. There, I violated NCAA rules!

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There are tons of rules regarding how School Y can recruit Player X. These are designed to protect the player 'during a trying time in their life'. I know, it is total bullshit, but any school that wants to compete in the NCAA needs to follow these policies. To me, these policies are idiotic, as the kid should be contacted; he is an adult, if he can't deal then get the hell off of my football field. Anyways, with all of these rules, the NCAA has decided to take it a step further...

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So, apparently the NCAA has decided that student run facebook groups are a violation of their recruiting rules ( Yes, that is right, students can violate NCAA rules apparently Yep, it is fishy and funny...

We already know that the NCAA is allowed to make these rules regarding colleges and the like. In fact, the courts have ruled as much in the past, so this is not an issue. What is an issue, is if the NCAA is actually allowed to inforce this against a private citizen. Let me say this clearly, should a private company be allowed to limit speech from an outside third part? Obviously, the answer is NO, so what the hell is the NCAA doing?

Now, while I disagree with the reasoning behind these restrictions, I recognize that the NCAA has the right to regulate its members and make rules accordingly. That said, however, this does not give them the right to regulate students and ban students from doing things. If I want to convince that freak from Oklahoma to come to MSU and play basketball, then I should be allowed to. I am a student, I am not in the NCAA, and I have every right to say what I wish.

Screw you NCAA, you are not in charge of me

Looking at it even further, you notice that it was the school that took action on the students. This is absurd, and, frankly, unconstitutional. There is no way that a school which gets any federal, state, or local money should be allowed to CENSOR the language or actions done by a student or employee, short of normal allowances (threat, violence, etc.).

This is nothing short of the government violating the constitutional rights of their students. I propose that we all step up and call for certain players to go to our favorite schools and wait for OSU/MSU/UM/etc. To fight us. When they attack us, we sue, simple as that.

Tai-ler Jones, Barry Every, and John Fulton should all head to OSU!!

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