Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let Demjanjuk Stay!

As most of you know, there is a major issue regarding citizenship and deportation in Ohio. The country of Germany believes that Ohio resident John Demajanjuk is a former Nazi camp guard. Due to this, they are attempting to get him extradited from his comfy, warm home in Ohio (though it might not be so warm right now) and sent to a cold, grungy prison in Germany. Demajanjuk, of course, is fighting this plan.

This is not the first time that Demajanjuk got nailed for stuff like this. In the 90s, his US citizenship was revoked as Israel believed that he was the camp guard named 'Ivan the Terrible'. After being convicted by on court, he appealed the ruling. Upon appeal, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that he was not Ivan, and he was sent back home. His US citizenship was restored.

While that should have stopped Demajanjuk's troubles, more kept happening. Recently, Germany decided that he was a different guard, and are now seeking to get him back. In response, US courts again revoked his citizenship, and they have ordered him deported back to Germany to stand trail. This most recent incident is what Demajanjuk is fighting.

To me, this seems like a witch hunt, as he has already been confused with another guard. This dude is from Germany, that is about all he has that the Germans are using against him. The bloody supreme court of Israel found for this dude, so I am quite sure that he is not a prison guard. Guys, drop it and find an actual Nazi.

Anyways, I believe that enough is enough, and tha we should let Demajanjuk serve out the rest of his life in peace and rest. The guy is in his 80s, has thousands of things wrong with his body, and has reformed his life. He has found God, has a family, and worked for years on the line. Seriously, even if this guy was a holocaust guard, the time has past, let's let him get on with his life.

To me, I believe that all of these hunts for former Nazi's should end. Most of the people are dead, and those that are not have found a new life. Most of them have to live with what they did, and I am betting that most are repentant. Seriously, these people have families, are injured, and have helped to build this country after the war. Why should we seek to punish them, when they have to live with themselves every day?

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