Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How PETA and Terrorism are linked

It is exam week for me (shit, did I just admit that I was still in school??) and so this will be a pretty quick post. Don't worry, I am sure that Alex will show up and I can fight with her.

While Barga is the one who normally attacks PETA, I have decided that it is my time to tear this idiotic organization a new hole. Apparently, a PETA member has been placed on the FBI top 10 most wanted list for a bombing he did 5 years ago. It is about time that these college kids learn exactly what freaks they are funding when they donate. Oh, and remove the bloody tax free status these people get.

Really, PETA needs to be shut down. Seriously, this organization gets money then funds shitheads like this. This guy bombed a few buildings, INTENDED TO HARM PEOPLE, and then they just act like he is all cool and innocent. This is just like the people who bomb researchers claiming that they are harming animals. Tell you what, if the research saves a human life, then it is worth it.

Oh, and isn't he a vegan? How does a vegan get off on trying to harm humans (ANIMALS)?

Time to study for my midterms, yay...


Ander said...

what if the research leads to shit that can kill humans? even if by accident? or long term use?

Whalertly said...

What about it?
unless it was intentional, that is cool. I mean, my mother used to use mercury to clean

Anonymous said...

You said in here he's not a vegan, but yet in the article you site for your information (and provide a link to) RIGHT under the picture of Andreas is a quite saying, "Daniel Andreas is a strict vegan says the FBI"

Good fact checking.

Anonymous said...

*quote, sorry typo

Whalertly said...

Um, isn't he means IS he not? thus, i said as i was supposed to

Barga said...

for somebody critizing for bad reading, maybe you need to read better


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