Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whalertly’s March Madness Picks

BLAHBLAHBLAH, nice intro. I copied Barga’s format and all of that so that this was easier on myself, and easier for you all to follow. My choices, of course, will be the perfect choices, and so you should all bet with me. If Barga wins (we have a side bet), then I will accuse him of changing his during the outcome. Time for a screen shot. That said, here are my picks…

*All games with an asterisks means that they are upsets

First Round
Louisville, OSU, Arizona*, Wake Forest. West Virginia, Kansas, USC* ,Mich. St
Second Round
OSU*, Arizona*, West Virginia*, Mich. St.
Third Round
Arizona*, West Virginia*
Winner of this portion
West Virginia

first round
Conn, BYU, Purdue, Washington, Utah State*, Missouri, Maryland*, Memphis.
Second Round
BYU*, Washington, Missouri, Maryland*
Third Round
BYU*, Missouri
winner of this portion

First Round
Pitt., Tenn.*, Wisconsin*, Xavier, VCU*, Villanova, Minnesota*, Duke
second round
Tenn.*, Xavier, Villanova, Duke
Third Round
Xavier., Villanova*
winner of this portion

first round
UNC, Butler*, Illinois, Gonzaga, Temple*, Syracuse, Michigan*, Oklahoma
second round
UNC, Gonzaga, Temple*, Oklahoma
third round
Gonzaga*, Oklahoma
Winner of this portion

final four
West Virginia V. Missouri and Villanova V. Gonzaga
Championship game
West Virginia* V. Villanova
West Virginia, with a total of 174 points

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Ben said...

Missouri and


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