Monday, March 23, 2009

New Jersey and Genital Waxing, What a Fun Combo

There are tons of stupid laws in this county. Some are left over from older times (whistling on Sundays), and some just make no sense (like getting a fish drunk). A few of the more stupid are:
-In Ohio, it is illegal for five women to live in the same house, too bad for the sororities (in most states similar laws mention the word brothel as a direct cause for this, again, aimed at the sorority houses).
-In Alabama, It is illegal to sell peanuts in Lee County after sundown on Wednesday.
- A person may not enter Wisconsin with a duck on their head
- In Tennessee, it is illegal to give or receive oral sex
Laws like these make one wonder what the hell happened to cause this law to be enacted, and who the hell caused it. But none of these top what New Jersey wants to do, or their argument for it...

Recently, New Jersey decided that genital waxing seems to be a problem. Various women have gotten infections in the state, and thus they are thinking of banning it. Somehow, the idea that two women got infected means that millions will be, and, as usual, the lawmakers are going out of their way, and wasting tax payer's money, to make another stupid law. These two women probably got infections due to either bad after care, or unsanitary conditions, both of which would have happened to waxing in other locations, not just this area. Clearly, the best course of action would be to work on better policing of current sanitary laws, not banning a popular, and money making procedure.

To me, this sort of thing happens far to often in the legal system in America. From states passing laws apologizing for slavery, to the federal government passing and act (non binding or legal) that says McCain is qualified as natural born, to New Jersey working on this law, far too many states and agencies do this. Meetings to pass laws like this, and various boards and cabinets that it needs to pass through, simply serves to waste the tax payers dollar. There is no way that this is good for America, nor is it a smart use of money. Politicians who work on projects like this deserve to be promptly voted out of office.

Aside from just waisting the tax money on this sort of research and work, what about the money that this sort of procedure brings in? Procedures that various locations offer clearly make a ton of money, and have a relatively little cost to do. This means that clinics are easily able to make a ton of money, and a high margin, on procedures like bikini waxing. Millions of women do it, as do thousands of men, and they spend billions a year on getting their hair painfully yanked out. Clearly, any smart politician knows that it is important to ensure that your people make money, as that keeps you in power. Additionally, they know that the only way to keep New Jersey in the black is to get more tax money. This sort of procedure brings in money, and they need to keep it.

Basically, I think that asinine laws should be removed, and any politician that votes for them should be ridden out of office on a rail.

On a side note, I really liked one quote from the piece. While arguing that it was already banned (which causes me to wonder why you are making a new law, instead of yelling at the cops to enforce it), Jeff Lamm, a spokesman, said this:
The genital area is not part of the abdomen or legs as some might assume...
Now, the face, neck, abdomen, legs and arms are permitted, but he wants to argue this one location is not allowed (odd that they banned only one location, without specifying it). Anyways, the thing is, the Human abdomen starts at the end of the torso and continues to the pelvic brim, that is, from the chest to the bottom of the pelvis. I am quite sure that the waxed region is above the pelvic brim.

So, the law currently states that anybody can get anywhere waxed, even though the spokesman doesn't agree. Clearly, this is another case of an idiotic politician not knowing what the hell they are saying.


beckiwithani said...

Lawmakers should figure out how salary they're wasting (prorated) during the minutes, hours, and days that they work on these idiotic laws. And then have to pay it back to the public, double.

Barga said...

THOUGH I think that Whalertly would have a much more interesting plan, I have always thought that the lawmakers should be paid by the hour


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