Friday, March 6, 2009

Columbus Tea Party

I know that we have people from across the political spectrum reading this blog, so here's some info if anyone wants to participate in a protest, here's a chance.

If you have been a little pissed at any of the Bailouts congress has been passing (or any other recent economic decision ) there is going to be a Tea Party protest Saturday at the Statehouse.
Columbus Tea Party Info

If you are planning to go, here are some guidelines to make it a good protest:
Advice 1
Advice 2
While these are more for the organizers, If you are traveling with friends or just want to help out, Look for ways to follow some of these suggestions to improve to cohesion of the protests and help out the organizers. A protest is no good if it can't get out its message. As these are rapidly-organized grassroots events, they will appreciate all the help they can get.


Barga said...

are you planning on going?

Anonymous said...

See you there.


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