Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joint Chiefs chairman calls fiscal calamity a bigger threat than any war

"The scope of it is, to me, mind-boggling," said Mullen in an interview with Military Update Wednesday

The amount nearly matched last year's defense budget, Mullen noted, contrasting the speed of that action to the long, detailed process of setting military requirements, debating programs and passing a defense budget.

That's "not even to speak of discussions, literally today, of a stimulus package that's going to be another 800 or 900 billion (dollars). I think that's going to affect all of us much more than personally," Mullen said.

"I've been concerned and remain concerned about the impact of this on security," he continued. "It's a global crisis. And as that impacts security issues, or feeds greater instability, I think it will impact on our national security in ways that we quite haven't figured out yet"

The only reason the scope of this crisis should be mind-boggling to anyone is if they don't understand the problem. The scope is so great because it reaches so far back to fundamental ideological assumptions that were made that turned out to be completely false. The problem isn't that we aren't spending enough money. We have been spending and creating money in record amounts, exponentially. The problem is with money itself and our system of production, consumption, and distribution as a whole.

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