Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Press for the Clippers, CBJ, and Crew...

A few quick announcements, so bear with me:
1) The poll is not working properly (several e-mails about this) so it is being removed. Please email me ( with your view on if I should become my own website or not
2) I will be covering the Columbus Clippers as press, do you want me to post my articles on here after they go live on BlogCritics?
3) Working with the Blue Jackets media team now, might get credentials from them, same question
4) Look, probably will be for the Crew as well, same question

please either tell me here or email me


Anonymous said...


Can you get me some sweet Clippers tickets? That new stadium's gonna be great.

Barga said...

I wish... lol
i have a press pass, nothing more... i assume that you can get cheap tickets still

Anonymous said...

I'm sure. Congrats on the new gig


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