Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Listened

Due nothing to my previous post, but probably due to when it broke on Consumerist, Facebook has moved back to their previous TOS. This shows that when we all work together, we can accomplish something

That said, Mark is still functioning under the idea that because he promises something, but legally can do otherwise, we should be fine

Click here to see my OP on this issue


Adam said...

Oh, don't sell yourself short. I think it was definitely you're original post! Mark probably saw your status, followed the link, realized he was wrong, and changed the ToS back.

Well done sir!

Barga said...

Damn right it was just my blog. Whalertly kicked some ass

This is why I am glad that I'm living with you next year. You are just as pompus and idiotic as I am


Jeff Lehner said...

Barga delivers.

My wife is on facebook, she's working on getting a photography business started and is checking out how useful it might be for networking. We talked about this, it's weird how much the digital age is changing business and a lot of the ethical/legal questions related thereto. Worth keeping an eye on, for sure.

Barga said...

lol, but it was whalertly who posted it, i merely provided a forum

that said, it was all consumerist

Well, any hosting site for images usually has similar clauses, look into them before you use or set up your own host


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