Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enfranchisement on the Hill: Part 1

Hello all, and welcome to the first real post on this site in the last week or so. Sure, Barga posts fun little stories and history, but they are all shit. posts reviews, who the hell wants to read those? I know you are all here for me, so let's get started.

Oh, and Barga wanted me to let you all know, there is a poll on the side of the blog, respond to it...

This post is a direct post to one from Ben over at his political report. On THIS POST, Ben mentions, slightly, the fact that Minnesota still does not have a senator, well, a second one. I want to address this fact (go comment on his site, it is cute when he thinks that people care)
--On a side note, have your blog posts in their own pages, that way I can link directly to your post, not to the comments part... jackass--

Currently, Minn. Has 1/99 votes in the senate, instead of the 1/50 that they should constitutionally have. This, to me, is a travesty and something that we should address ASAP. The population of MINN is currently being deprived of due process (via the 14th) and thus are being harmed with such bullshit as the stimulus bill and other things that the left-wing congress is doing. Minn should attempt to filibuster all votes until they have the constitutional amount of say, or demand that congress doesn't convene until they get a new senator. After all, congress only needs to convene once a year

So, what should a citizen in Minn do? Well, logically they should start to protest this sort of system. They should sue congress to get them to stop meeting until they get a representative, or something along those lines. They should also sue the state government for allowing this sort of bullshit to happen and thus costing them their rights. Somehow, they need to get this solved, and get it done soon.

FYI, I might hate liberal commies, but I still want Franken to win... I mean, why not have a real clown in congress, instead of those only pretending to be

Now, as this blog likes to focus on Ohio, only because the glorious Barga seems to want some sort of following, I need to talk about how this is important to the state. So, how the hell does this effect Ohio? On the surface, it looks like it helps Ohio out. We get 2/99 votes, instead of 2/100, see how much better we are? We should work on some system to take out the senators (so the SS out there, I am joking about this part) so that Ohio gets all of the votes...

So how the Hell does it harm Ohio?

Well, it harms Ohio simply because of the precedent that it sets. If we allow Congress to meet without an attempt to ensure equal enfranchisement to all that deserve it, and are granted it via the constitution, then we have a problem. We should not let states not have their rights, and we need to do something about this. What if we had a problem getting Brown or Voiny to the Senate? Well, according to this reasoning, we should just forgo the vote. At this point, all states should be attempting to give Minn's one senator two votes, to keep this from happening...

Part 2 will be here on Friday, see you then Suckas


Anonymous said...

"FYI, I might hate liberal commies, but I still want Franken to win... I mean, why not have a real clown in congress, instead of those only pretending to be"

Great line.

Whalertly said...

thanks, feel free to use it, but give it credit

i mean, he is funny, so him in congress would be even funnier... i think we could get some good laughs then

Ben said...

Not a real good reason for a scumbag like Franken to be in office.

Barga said...

Thanks for the poll post, all of you go vote
I must say that I disagree with this premise; I do not believe that it is in the best interest of the country to delay simply because one state screwed up. The people should sue their state and fix it for next time, but not sue the govt

Also, thanks for the insults

Barga said...

And why is franken so bad?

Whalertly said...

Bullshit Barga
The government has the job to ensure enfranchisement to all citizens, not just those with a good state

Whalertly said...

Why not Ben? Coleman is no better, he voted for tons of pork and is a statist as well

Ben said...

If Coleman had voted against the bailout, he would have won for sure, even though he barely won anyhow.

Only 100 people can be a Unied States Senator. Al Franken is not worthy of that. If I need to explain why to you, then I am wasting my time.

Barga said...

was that aimed at me or whalertly?

I think that two senators actually deserve to be there of all the ones we have

Whalertly said...

I think that franken won the race fairly under the current laws of minn. Coleman is just as bad as the liberals if you look at his record


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