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Product Review - Port O' Pong

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Ever go to a pool party, at a friend's or at a hotel for spring break, only to realize that there are no drinking games? Want to play some beer pong at your tailgate but don't have room for the table in the car? If so, then Port O' Pong is the perfect item for you. Port O' Pong (POP) is an inflatable beer pong table that is set up for a game anywhere you can imagine. Play in a pool, on the hood of a car, or even hanging from midair. If you can imagine where to put it, POP can be there.

POP makes playing beer pong possible everywhere. Just pull out an air pump, blow up the inflatable table, set in the cups, and PARTY! In the pool, on a smaller table, or even in mid-air, you can set the POP table up anywhere. The heavy-duty vinyl material makes sure that your POP will survive even the wildest of house parties. POP is college-played, and student-approved. Bring your next party to life by ordering Port O' Pong for $49.99 .

Port O' Pong is an inflatable beer pong table. Though it is designed for water, it can be used anywhere. The table is regulation size and has the normal 10-cup racks. It also has a spot for the water cup on each side. Additionally, there are four tie-down spots so that you can either anchor down or hang up your POP. The retail version comes with the table, four ropes for hanging/anchoring, two repair patches, and a set of instructions. It does not come with an air pump, which will set you back another $20 or so.

Port O' Pong is set up so that it is the perfect accessory for any hotel or party destination. As Jerry Piscitelli, the co-owner of POP, put it: “Outdoor/sports/activity directors can build games around Port O' Pong for all ages to play - from setting up four tables in a row and having a guys vs girls beer pong competition to playing duck pin bowling with younger kids with the tables - the imagination is the only barrier to games that can be used. We have seen activity directors insert plastic bats into the cup holders and toss rings over the floating island, marshmallows tossed into coco cups, and even casino pong played by the gentlemen after a long day on the golf course.

Any hotel that purchases or has POP can use it to run anything they want. From beer pong tournaments during Spring Break to little games for the kids during the rest of the year. The uses for the table are infinite, and really are defined by just your imagination. Plus, if it's available at the hotel store, the hotel can make a profit from a try-then-buy sales style.

Yes, if you get a Port O' Pong, you too can play with ladies that attractive.

When I first read about POP, and got the product for this review, I thought to myself that it was a gimmick. I really could see no way to play beer pong properly on an inflated raft. Frankly, I figured that it would be fun only for a little bit, then I would move back to my normal table. Part of my gut reaction was right, but part was wrong. I am using my normal table now, but only due to the temperature outside. However, I am able to now play outside (word of advice: don't play when it is 10 degrees or less outside — it's not that fun) and enjoy it immensely. POP has allowed my friends and I to take our parties outdoors, which makes it worth the investment.

The POP table is almost perfect in its size. When inflated, it is the regulation size for beer pong which makes it a great replacement table. Deflating the POP, however, is when you realize how much better it is to have an inflatable table. The deflated POP is roughly the size of two footballs. This makes it perfect for a dorm room, a tailgating party, or your suitcase for spring break travel. This size advantage easily overcomes the problems.

Speaking of the problems, my biggest concern for POP was the bounce factor. In normal beer pong — well, the version we play — the other team must drink two cups if the ball is bounced into the cup. This is one of my trademark moves and I utilize it many times each night. After practicing on the POP for a bit, I started to get the hang of the new bounce physics. The ball still bounces properly, but the odd angles and the movement of the table itself, gives it a whole new degree of difficulty. Needless to say, I can still make my trademark shot but not nearly as often.

Overall I feel that Port O' Pong is a nice product but a little overpriced. The size and mobility of the table, plus the fact that you can use it anywhere, is exceptionally nice. Furthermore, the table can be used for anything that you can think of, and doesn't even need to serve as an alcoholic game. The price though, does put it at a disadvantage. I can make a regular table for about $10, using only a few pieces of wood. Port O' Pong would set me back about $70 once you add the pump to the equation. This makes it harder for college kids to purchase the item. However the new challenges, and the fun of being able to play anywhere make POP well worth the price. I would recommend it to you and already have recommended it to my friends. You can purchase Port O' Pong in white, green, blue, and even pink (they are looking for a breast cancer partner) for $49.99 and create lasting spring break memories.

Disclaimer: Port O' Pong is not intended as a flotation device and should not be used as a life saving device. Please play all drinking games responsibly.

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Anonymous said...

I bought one last year, and it was sweet. I saw they got a new style since then and have to get it before we go to padre again! THX porto guys!

I saw they have a new white that is bad ^ss:


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