Thursday, January 1, 2009


About the Blog: Whalertly

Before you ask, here is what Whalertly means:
That is it, quite simply. It is a combination of the words Whale and Alertly.
Basically, the name came around because our original author has a fascination with whales, and wanted that to be part of the name. However, he then quickly realized that it would be hard to show that it was a political and modern-day blog, unless alert was also in the name. After a brief brainstorm, it was decided that Whalertly fit the needed name perfectly, and thus it was decided upon.

Let's talk about the Blog first, as that is the most important and primary thing here. Whalertly was designed simply as a rant blog, but it has moved far beyond that. The blog has now moved into a realm where politics, law, history, current events, culture, and anything else you can think of are discussed. Usually, there is an attempt to focus on the State of Ohio throughout the postings. Whalertly updates (currently) three times a week, on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

We all have opinions and biases, and this blog is no exception. Usually, the blog tends to lean to the left of the political spectrum, but it does have parts that are on both sides. This is a personal blog, but it also is intended to be a community blog. From debates to simple discussions, the end goal of Whalertly is to encourage interaction and discussion amongst its readers.

Everyone is welcome to comment here. We have had two different candidates post on here (that we know of), along with several other people who work within different political groups. We have US citizens, and those from other countries (sadly, yes, we have Canadians post here too). While our post count may seem small, we have a large readership that is constant when we update. In essence, every person who thinks that they have something worthwhile is welcome to come and post here. I expect everybody to respect one another. As long as there are Civil discussions, then I will not step in.

When you post, you are under no requirement to identify yourself. I encourage the use of a name, either your real or an alias, so that I can respond to you and we can continue conversations over time, but I understand why some people will not use it. Remember, this is not just my blog, this is all of our blog, so I want you to contribute however you feel comfortable doing it. If you want me to focus on something, change something, or anything like that, please feel free to let me know. The blog E-Mail is

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