Monday, December 22, 2008

Hiking Pictures

These are images from my backpacking/hiking trip out in Allegheny National Forest.
FYI, the pics are in backwards order, PISCA sucks when posting images. The First pic in the long line (taken right before leaving in the car) is the only one of me, so HA (ask Pete O. for more of me)
The pics of a campsite (with rocks covering wood) was a site we found while hiking, obviously the person comes there a lot.
Feel free to ask questions about any of the pics

The snowy pictures are from the day we hiked out (apparently 6 inches fell, I contend it was like 4) and the others are from before. According to the NFS the total elevation change was about 700 feet, which really doesn't seem like that much, until you get a heavy pack on your back. Also, over about a 2 mile long stretch, that is pretty steep (frankly, it was half up to the 700 half back down to the orig. height. Basically, the average change was one foot up for every eight along. Damn steep

It was frigid and the lake partially froze...


Ashley Futak said...

So beautiful...but BRRRRRRRRRRRRR...looks freezing!!!

Whalertly said...

Both things were true


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