Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Shooting Whalertly

Hey, look, this is my 100th post... And there is no real content on it :)

Sorry, no real update today, as it was Thanksgiving this weekend for me. Add to that the fact that I had a paper do today, a presentation for today, and a test for today. So, to give you guys something to look at, here are some images of my family and I out shooting trap and target. FYI, I am the person in the OSU sweatshirt, with the Orange-V, Black hat on. Enjoy...
(at some point I will upload some videos of us, but until I edit them down, they are hiding on my computer)


Ben said...

that guy you voted for wants to prevent you from doing that.

Barga said...

hangguns are not the same as shotguns and a muzzle loader

Peter O said...

what's the caliber on that muzzle loader? (and if you don't think that matters, look up New Jersey gun law proposals)

Plus, some people prefer handguns to shotguns, so why should one be allowed but not the other?

Barga said...

Pete, I have no idea

that said, can people really hunt with handguns?

you playing warhammer with us on sat?

Peter said...

but I admit i was thinking in terms of plinking/target shooting (what you apperaed to be doing)or self defense

Barga said...

I agree, a rifle would be hard to deal with in self defense
hunting with a pistol just seems too hard

pete, i am not opposed to handguns, only to CC


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