Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Known Facts About America

On a lighter side...
Now that the election is over, and we can once again busy ourselves with our meaningless lives, I have decided to post some little known but interesting facts about America. Enjoy these, add some of your own (COMMENT PEOPLE, PLEASE, 50+ of you read this per day, somebody comment... /begging). Use these for trivial pursuit, buzztime at Bdubs, or for your showing on Jeopardy!


-The 'rule of thumb' is in no way regarding any law or social standard about beating a wife with a stick less than the size of ones thumb. STOP THIS RUMOR ALREADY. It is about carpentry, measurements, and inches.

-That 30 unknown facts video is full of bullshit and misleading information. I will eventually address the tax issues at some point (and the fact that they are all legal). Feel free to counter me on this

-Did you know that before leading our fledgling government, John Adams defended the British soldiers who fired (in their own defense) during the Boston Tea Party... Funny thing about this, this went into his main theory about defense in court for everybody (because the innocent until proven guilty)

-It costs only $6,400 to raise a middle age dog to 11 years old... Hmmm, maybe they are worth more than kids are

-The Main Library at Indiana University sinks over an inch every year because when it was built, engineers failed to take into account the weight of all the books that would occupy the building.

-The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.

-Andrew Jackson beat a man who tried to shoot him with his cane. Seriously, this was the first bad-ass (take that Chuck).

-John Hanson was the first president of America. He was black, and served back when we had ACPU.

-FDR and his lovely wife, Elanor, were second cousins.

-John Taylor became a sworn enemy of the US, shortly after he joined the Confederacy 20 after his terms ended.

-Washington is the only serving-president to lead the army, this was during the Whiskey Rebellion.

-Lincoln planned on getting rid of the blacks from this country, he believed that they could never live together.

-Lincoln only freed the slaves in the southern states, it was a political move.

-Over 10,000 soldiers fighting in the Civil War were under 18. So that they would not lie (a sin), they would put a paper with the number '18' on it in their shoe. Then, they could say that they were 'over 18' without lying.

-The first person killed by Brown at Harper's Ferry was a free black man... Go figure

-Stonewall Jackson would have made a great parent, he refused to eat foods that tasted good, as he figured them to thus be unhealthy.

-The Department of Defense used to be The Department of War. We hate sounding imperialistic and aggressive.

-Oliver Pollock, the biggest investor in the fledgling US government, created the '$' sign.

-Honest Abe is the only US president so far to hold a patent (I am biding my time).

-Jackson refused to listen to a Supreme Court Order.

-Virginia has the most presidents of any state, 8

-Ohio is a close second, with 7 (but ours like dying in office). We will tie Virginia in 30 years, when Robert M. Barga becomes president...

Feel free to add your own in here, pass this around, or do what ever you want.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that bit about John Hanson isn't correct. He was absolutely not black. His dad was an indentured servant, but they were white as often as anything else. Also, calling him the First President of the United States is a little misleading, seeing as we weren't technicall "The United States" under the Articles of Confederation

Barga said...

You are right, I automatically thought that Indentured=slave... sorry about that

He was the first president of America, and thus qualifies for that title

Ben said...

I also think the interstate thing about one straight mile every 5 isnt true....i think that is just a rumor

Barga said...

I want to find a source, but I really can not. I know that was an issue when building Port Columbus though


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