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Whalertly Endorsements on the Judiciary

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As you may have noticed, there has been a slight layout change on my site. I have removed the tags link (don’t worry, it might be back after the election) and have added several text spots on the right. In the following days, I will be endorsing or expressing support for certain candidates and/or issues. These, along with a link to my reasoning (my entries), will be presented in that section. Please consider my arguments if you are undecided. Also, feel free to ask questions, give me some info (I am swayable), or generally argue with me if you wish.

Map updates will take place on Tuesdays from now on and will have no other text (or post number) with them.



Today I will be presenting my endorsements for the various judicial positions around the state. This will include names, parties, and positions. I will be listing my reasoning(s) along side of each judge that I endorse. Furthermore, this will include the judges who are running against thin air.

For State Supreme Court (starting 1/1/09)
Maureen O’Conner (R) vs Joseph Russo (D)
My first take on this case is that O’Conner needs to work on her website; a bright green is not pleasing to the eyes. Having attempted to enact tougher gang-laws and rape penalties, O’Conner has been a strong fighter for victims rights throughout her career on the bench. She has also gone after (strongly) repeat offenders, drunken-drivers (perhaps a little to hard here), and politicians with slight ethics problems. Overall, O’Conner is a better fit for the State Supreme Court

For State Supreme Court (starting 1/2/09)
Peter Sikora (D) vs Evelyn Stratton (R)
Judge Sikora has a strong record of impartiality when on the bench; he is known for looking at both sides of the issue fully. Having worked for years on holding parents accountable, working on ensuring family unity and community support, and being endorsed by the Ohio Bar Association, Sikora has what it needs to be on our supreme court.

Court of Appeals 10th District (starting 2/9/09)
John Connor (D) vs David Goodman (R)
Here I am judging mostly on experience. Connor has served as a judge and as a lawyer for years whereas Goodman has been a Senator and Legislature that whole time. I want somebody who has been on the bench for a while in this spot. Connor and his 15 years of sitting on the bench is a good fit for this spot.

Court of Appeals 10th District (starting 7/1/09)
Richard Brown (D) vs Lisa Sadler (R)
Here I would almost seem contradictory if I pick an unvetted person (Brown has never run for anything) over a person who has been on the bench for 5 years; however, the positions that Sadler has taken, which I see as slightly out of her bounds (or, frankly, wrong) make it hard for me to want her. By default, it seems as though Brown is a better candidate.

Court of Common Pleas (starting 1/1/09)
Daniel Hogan (R) wins by default

Court of Common Pleas (starting 2/9/09)
David Fais (R) wins by default

Court of Common Pleas (7/1/09)
Shawn Dingus (D) vs Richard Sheward (R)
Frankly, I kinda wished that Dingus had run for a different opening. I really like both candidates here; with them both being for judicial restraint and original intent (strongly), they both seem like good judges. I really want to keep Sheward in office, but Dingus gains an upper hand with his support of “settlement week”.

Court of Common Pleas (7/2/09)
Timothy Horton (D) wins by default

Court of Common Pleas – Domestic Relations
Dana Preisse (R) wins by default

Court of Common Pleas – Probate Division
Lawrence Belskis (R) vs Eric Brown (D)
Belskis has served the state well in his 18 years on the bench. While I have not always agreed with his decisions, he has an overall judicial restraint arc. Brown, on the other hand, handled the lethal injection case of the fat man very well. In this case, Belskis experience gives him the win.


Peter said...

You could always not issue an endorsement, especially if you like neither of the candidates.

Barga said...

peter, When i say i endorse it means that they are simply better than the other, regardless of how I feel about both. Take the brown one, I don't necessarily like brown, but he is better than Sadler so he deserves my vote.

Additionally, remember, I only have roughly 100 views a day (unique) and only about 30 of them do more than pop up (they read the comments) and only like 2 a week post comments. I am not that spread


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