Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Crane Fathers

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Recently, the group Fathers for Justice decided that it was high time for a protest. That said, they climbed a crane on the Ohio State University Campus in order to protest the 'unfair' treatment of fathers in the family court system. Both fathers were requesting the discussion between the governors of Ohio and California to address the unequalizes in the custodial system. According to their website, the men were unfairly treated when they challenged a courts decision and then were also unfairly targeted by a restraining order. That said, I do not think that breaking the law is the answer.

While I am all for joint custody and the proper court allowances; I do not think that climbing a two-hundred foot tower really helps the issue. Besides trespassing and breaking several other laws, the men are embarrassing their kids and probably showing that they are slightly unstable. The men have rights (though, I see no Constitutional ones as they are claiming) and the courts should honor those rights. However, the court is well within their discretion to change their opinion if the matter drags on, even if it has the appearance of being improper. Unless the gentlemen have evidence of impropriety on the judges part they should stop this slanderous attack.

Don't get me wrong, when you appeal your case up to the Supreme Court of Ohio and get a ruling in your favor, and then the judge overrules the court without any new evidence, it looks like it is improper. Appeal that ruling, get precedent to help all of the other fathers, but do not break the law to prove a point. Protesting peacefully is one thing, trespassing is another.

Now, when it comes to parental custody I think that it should be even (unless they come to an outside agreement) provided they are both within the district (or close enough for a short (less than 30 minutes) drive) and can both provide a stable home. Parents are parents, and they should look after the best interests of their children. If there are outside factors (like drinking, drug abuse, abuse abuse, etc.) then the courts should come up with a new arrangement. I believe, having gone through the whole switching of parental houses weekly ordeal when I was younger that the kids need both parents. Your father is different than your mother, but they both love you, and you are part of both of them. Kids need both parents.

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Hajile said...

Hence why the parents should work out their problems for the good of their children, and not put them through that torture. If you think kids need both parents, why are you against marriage, Agrab?

Barga said...

Well, Mr. elijah, I believe that marriage should be a private contract entered between any two legal and consenting parties. I do not think that the government should be involved and I believe that it should be called whatever they want. I am not for a forced recognition by the churches though.

Parents need not be married to be good


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