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Keep It On The Field, Not In Class

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*Map Update*
This weeks election update brings us an obvious democrat bump after the convention. The current national polls show that Obama has a +3.4 over McCain.
Other polls are showing that Obama has gained ground in the state of Virginia which makes it a tie. McCain gained ground in Colorado and Obama gained in Nevada; however, each remained the same as last week.

*End Of Map Update*

Monroe public schools in this fine state have a little problem on their hands. That little problem deals with the shortness of the cheerleader skirts. Apparently, the skirts are appropriate for the field but not for the classrooms. While I agree that these skirts are a bit SLUTY, this issue poses some serious questions: Other teams get to wear their uniforms - if they are so bad, why do you allow them at all - Lets chat about dress code. Even though the school came up with a solution to the problem, this issue is one that should come up in all schools, AND IN ALL HOUSEHOLDS. Short Skirts: What Really Gets Me Running.

Other Teams Get To Wear Their Uniforms:
Some schools ban certain colors, certain insignia, and even numbers on shirts as a method to keep gang violence down. Blue and Red jerseys are big targets. Yet, it seems that most schools allow football players who happen to have red/blue jerseys to wear their jerseys on game day to school. How is that in any way fair? If one team can do it, all teams should be allowed to do it. Schools should not be playing around with their dress codes. If the uniform violates it, they should ban THEM ALL, not just certain ones. However, who would challenge a football player wearing his jersey, after all, football players have lots of votes.

If They Are So Bad, Why Do You Allow Them At All:
This is THE basic question of this issue; if the skirts are too short and the tops too tight, than why do you allow them on the field. Why should the school let kids be slutty at school events? I know that prom dresses, mini-skirts worn to games, and even what happens in the parking lot are really not up to dress code, but the school should enforce their code at all events. Make the girls wear preppy non-slutty outfits; however, it is not acceptable to have two different standards. Schools should set the example to the country: We have one standard and stick to it: suck it hypocrites.

Let's Chat About Dress Codes:
Let's face it, dress codes suck. They tell you what colors to wear, how to cut your hair, what shoes can go with what dress, and how slutty you can be. Face it, sometimes us guys just want to walk around in leather mini-skirts and strut our stuff; but no, your stupid dress codes keep us from doing that. Dress codes are logical in court, in the workplace, and in science classes (where fire is a danger) but how are they logical in the classroom? Really, you might think that by keeping the lowcut tight shirts out of the classes we would pay more attention. HEAR THIS, us guys pay attention to the chicks in class no matter what she is wearing (slightly more if that what is nothing). It is a waste to enforce these rules if they have no safety reasoning behind them.

Finally, the number one reason to keep the cheerleader outfits in schools:
Without them, you would have less kickass rock & roll songs.

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Hajile said...

Dress codes are silly and communistic.

But at the same time, are necessary.

Um. I don't think there is a solution.

Barga said...

How are they communistic?

Hajile said...

It removes individuality.

Barga said...

last i checked that did not mean communisim

Hajile said...

Communism brings everyone (Save the elite.) to the same level. So everyone is the same. Not allowing kids to dress the way they want, and forcing them to dress in a certain manner, makes everyone look/seem the same.

Barga said...

where the hell are you getting your facts

it simply means that for every one product, and product of a similar nature costs the same (1$ per hamburger, period)... if you are quicker or better you can sell more and make more

Hajile said...

I'm speaking in super-simplified terms.

Barga said...

show me where that is a requirement
tell me what page of the manifesto it is on


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