Friday, June 27, 2008

Is Barga Switching Who He Will Vote For?

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This entry is not about these cases, but I do reserve the right to talk about those another time.

Yesterday SCOTUS ruled (rightly) that you can only be put to death if you killed somebody. The decision was 5-4. Today, SCOTUS ruled (wrongly) that the 2nd amendment protected individual gun rights. The decision was 5-4. In both of those cases, the swing voter was one Kennedy. The court is at one of it's most volatile points that it has ever been at, with Kennedy having the most power that anybody has had in the court for a long time. Kennedy is the balance right now. The courts make up is bound to change soon, and who knows what will happen there.

Let us look at the makeup of the court for a minute. Roberts is 53, Alito is 58, Breyer is 70, Ginsburg is 75, Kennedy is 72, Scalia is 72, Souter is 69, Stevens is 88, and Thomas is 60. Looking at that, it seems as though six justices are nearing the average death point of our society. That scares me, a lot. Especially seeing how four of them are the entire liberal side of the court. So, the presidential election will probably decide who can appoint 2 justices, maybe even more. This means that the presidential election will tip SCOTUS by a large amount.

With McCain already on record as saying that he will appoint people like Roberts and Scalia I have to start considering what I want on SCOTUS. Face it, these people will be on there for about half of my life, so they better be good. While more Roberts are okay in my book, I do not want that many of them. Furthermore, with Roberts position in the last few weeks, he has started to scare me.

Now, I normally advise people to not vote on one issue; I tell them that they should vote on many things at once. But, with something as important as 4 judge choices coming up, it seems as though the Supreme Court should be one of the top areas to pay attention to. McCain's choices scare me, and, frankly, they are starting to make me want to migrate into the Obama camp (though very grudgingly). Mr. McCain, please let us know that you will appoint moderates, as both parties legislate from the bench.

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Hajile said...

Feh. All the more that's riding on this election. :\

On one hand we have... Destruction.

On the other hand we have... well, Less-than-destruction. >->

Barga said...

I do not see destruction on either side of this parties this time

Hajile said...

Nah, I know. Not "destruction" per se, but close enough for me.


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