Monday, May 5, 2008

The Intro

After having a sabbatical for almost a year from political blogging and about two years from any other form of blogging I have decided to restart blogging. So, I created a blog, got (what I hope to be) a good name, and sat down to decide exactly what I want to blog about. And you know what, I hit this gigantic stone wall. I mean, Lets see here, shouldn't we blog about what we are in to? Well, I am into politics, science, technology, gaiaonline, the female sex, and a whole list of other things. So, what is one to do? I really could not think of any one thing to start a 'great' blog on; not a single thing would allow me to stick out or find some sort of great niche audience. And, face it, we all blog due to some odd narcissistic fetish of ours.

So, what does should one do? Well, that is not really that hard to answer: Do it all. Why should I focus on one area, on niche when they are all already full. Wouldn't it seem more logical to see all of the niches, fill in on all, hopefully get links, and then see what is popular. Once I can tell what you guys want I can start to focus on it. However, until then, I think I shall be very simply a blog of things that bug me:

Whalertly: What Really Grinds My Gigantic Notched Wheels

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Melissa said...

You were wrong. It is a very bad name, unless there is something about it that I am not getting. You will have to be blogging every day for the rest of your life to blog about everything that bothers you now and by the time you are finished with that I am sure you will have come up with some new ones. Feel free to bitch about whatever you want. Make sure that you tell me when you actually write about something interesting, if you do that at all. Good luck!

Barga said...

I like the name, I think it is clever and makes you think. Most things that annoy me are not long enough to fill a post, so I think that I will be alright.


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