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I have now hit over 500 viewers, not 500 views, but 500 viewers! While that might not seem that important (only 30 or some were repeats, need to work on that), for a blog that has been around for only three weeks now that is a nice deal. I have also been read world wide, if you do not count Africa (hopefully soon) and Antarctica (come on McMurdo, read me).

As you may have noticed I have changed the layout. It is now three columned. If it is showing up incorrectly (it should be tan left, tan blog in the middle, green right) please let me know via e-mail. If you have any concerns or comments about the site, or ones you do not feel like sharing on this site, please e-mail me:

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People were recently protesting on a Saturday in downtown Columbus. Were they protesting Global Warming? Were they protesting about Mr. Dann? Were they protesting about religion needing to be in school? No, thy were circling a religious center because they thought that the religion was a cult (fyi, it is not a cult). What religion were they protesting? Scientology. What group is this? Anonymous.

Anonymous is a harassment front of people who do not like the religion of Scientology, and various other things. While I do not believe the Fox News report that they intended to bomb stadiums, post porn, or capture pedophiles; I do believe that they intend to disrupt a religion, harm people in epilepsy forums, and in general, act like middle schoolers. Really, I have three main problems with Anonymous ; They make claims which are illogical and/or do not have backing - They break the law - They take it to far and act like middle schoolers while doing it.

They Make Claims Which are Illogical and/or do not Have Backing -
Anonymous makes several claims which have no actual backing. Furthermore, the way that they make these arguments shows that they are very illogical. Anonymous believes that Scientology kills people (not backed), stalks people (that is backed), and is dangerous to themselves (not backed). Furthermore, the personal attacks they have on certain members, and what I would consider Slander on the organization of Scientology itself. All of these ad hoc attacks clearly have no backing, and, because of how they use them, shows that Anonymous is either intentionally illogical or just not intelligent (ergo thinking that they are logical claims). Anonymous believes that they are in danger from Scientology, without giving proof. Furthermore, they also claim that they have been stalked (which is proven) and their cars have been killed. This has several problems - if Scientology actually did this (which would be illogical as it would harm their reputation) then they would be arrested. Furthermore, they claim to be in danger but still do this, and then join on line groups with their real names (like the ones on Facebook). Clearly Anonymous has some logical failures.

They Break the Law -
Harassment, Slander, Libel - all are illegally, but they are not what I am talking about here. Hacking, last-day attacks, and server based attacks are. Anonymous specializes in breaking the law (along with their /b/ brethren). They hack computers, steal files, violate copyright laws, and the like - all in an attempt to prove that Scientologists are bad. You get the irony, right? Anonymous stalks members of Scientology with an attempt to get their data, to harass their church-members, and to, well, basically, raise Hell. Frankly, it seems as though anonymous is not above breaking the law to show that others break the law, hmmmm.

They take it too far and act like middle schoolers while doing it -
Breaking the law is far enough, but anonymous seems to think that they should also be annoying little middles schoolers as well. The way that they act (attack from behind and unknown) they show that they are very immature (which is sad, as most are adults). Furthermore, their spamming of forums with porn (much like 4Chan (there will be a post on them later)), use of lies and mistruths, and attacks on those unfortunate show this. When they spammed an epilepsy forum with flashing javascript they showed that they are really not worthy of an credence. In the end, it seems as though Anonymous is full of young adults who really have too little to do in their life.

As always, please leave any comments, no matter how large or how small about the contents of this blog post. Also, please leave any comments/suggestions about this site/post as a whole.

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Anonymous said...

You're stupid. Really.

Do you even know of Scientology's crimes against humanity? You would be surprised.

Barga said...

care to show me those?

Anonymous said...

Barga said...

Looked, saw nothing about crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...


* Its blatantly illegal and immoral activities, as illustrated by Operation Snow White (where they infiltrated the IRS) and Operation Freakout (where they ruined an author's life).
* Its fair game" policy of harassing and destroying critics, as illustrated by the stories of Keith Henson, Shawn Lonsdale, Frank Oliver and Paulette Cooper
* Its fatal abuse of its members, including Lisa McPherson, Heribert Pfaff, Josephus Havenith, and others
* Its brutal, illegal treatment of members who the Church considers in need of rehabilitation or punishment
* Its tax-exempt status in the United States, which was gained by blackmailing the IRS
* Its practice of breaking up families.

Yep, Agrab. These aren't crimes at all.

Barga said...

evidence of these?

Anonymous said...

I'm the kind of guy who knows what he talks about, but since you really need a source, click here:

Barga said...

again, the lack of evidence

Anonymous said... Proof of Operation Snow White. Also see court documents and judge's comments in regards to scientology. Here is a a link to that:

Also, here are some FBI files on L. Ron Hubbard. Of course, if you refuse to take the FBI files as proof then you are a retard who cannot be helped.

Barga said...

do you have a link to the actual testomony?

Those comments are no more useful then any other persons comments, unless entered in a decision (which it is not stated or cited) they don't really matter

where did they get these files, and can i see them from the FBIs site

you see, i am just as likely to buy these data files as i am to buy files from Scientologies site, give me an unbiased site with them

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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